Matthew Miller

Degeneration – the process of degenerating. the condition or state of being degenerate. Sneakers were designed in collaboration with Amsterdam based Filling Pieces, working together to create a minimal, sleek slip on shoe with A clean form.

Each have been hand-painted with a dripping ‘MM’ graphic. Trenchcoats and rain macs have been designed and made in collaboration with Hancock, handmade exclusively in rubber bonded, natural cloths and produced at the original Victorian mill in England. Two-layers of cloth are bonded with a layer of rubber in-between creating an impenetrable barrier ensuring the finished cloth is 100% waterproof. Scarves are printed in Japanese silk by Design Lab Japan, a continuing partnership.

This season long-term Matthew Miller Collaborator Jonathan Baron photographed the human body as well as flowers and everyday objects that when paired together convey an underlying eroticism. Jewellery By Parts of Four, Paris exudes a brutalist elegance. Featuring dangling talisman earrings in sterling silver with quartz stones and Plate earrings featuring diamonds.

Chokers and belts are sculpted from buffalo bone, dirtied bronze, blackened wood and coral. British luxury eyewear brand Cutler and Gross Provide the sunglasses combining the finest Italian craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style, featured are the Vintage 0901 and 0676.

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