Which Cat Eye and Why?

Our guide to finding the right cat eye glasses for you.

Did you know that cat eye frames were designed by a woman?

Cat eyes frame shapes we know today are descendants from the original ‘Harlequin’ designs of Altina Schinasi in 1930’s America. Much in the same way that Tony Gross and Graham Cutler’s dissatisfaction of the eyewear in the 1960’s led to their designs, Schinasi also found herself underwhelmed by the lackluster frames in an optician’s window. Taking her inspiration from Venetian masks worn by Harlequins at a masked ball, she developed shapes that she wanted to wear. Vogue and Life magazines credited Schinasi with revolutionizing the eyewear industry and aesthetic.

There are as many cat eye shapes as there are breeds of cat and much in the same way that one type of cat does not suit all, the selection of cat eye frames should be approached with consideration for your face shape, haircut, colouring and lifestyle.

Soft, flowing cat eyes suit those with faces that are shapely to square shaped and with the hair worn away from the face. We recommend the top heavy 1351 to balance a strong jawline. Additionally, for a square, rectangular and diamond face shape the 1350 provides a subtle look.

Cutler and Gross also have some cat eye frames with attitude; less Marie from Aristocats and more Hello Kitty. D shaped cat eyes and well suited to those with round, oval or heart shaped faces. These include the 1346 and 1288.

Flat topped cat eyes add width to the upper part of the face so are perfect for someone with a diamond or oval face shape. These include the 1321, 1322 and 1330.

The 1286 is an oval cat eye sunglass for rectangular and diamond shaped faces. This Swarovski embellished frame has a facetted surface for a sculptural effect.

The 1287 is extreme; glittering and feline. Inspired by the vintage model 0207, famously worn by Isabella Blow in the 1980’s and ideal for those with symmetrical haircuts and heart shape and oval faces.

The 1370 is the Cutler and Gross version of the Tabby cat. Inspired by Hello Kitty, where she has been drawn with her eyes wide apart for an innocent and curious look. This frame has a narrower bridge to give the impression of the wearers’ eyes being further apart. The bridge height is low, so that it will not appear to ‘join the eyes together’.

The 1370 can be considered a friendly lap- cat as well as an independent free spirit, one of T.S.Elliot’s Skimbleshanks, if you like. The soft brow bar and with the edges gently sweeping over the cheekbones means that this frame is a cat for all seasons!

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