The 42 Steps of Making Glasses at Cutler and Gross

How to make optical glasses and sunglasses. Graham Cutler’s idea of design is that it should be “practical, functional then look good”.

At Cutler and Gross, it takes 42 steps of handcrafting and 92 hours of tumbling over a period of three months to create each Cutler and Gross design. The process evolves from concept planning to ordering and cutting acetate, to ultrasonic cleaning. A procedure unique to Cutler and Gross, the frames are tumbled with elements like beechwood pieces and oil. Temples are then stamped on the inside with the Cutler and Gross logo and the frame’s four digit number.

Each of these unique stages involves the precise knowledge and specialism of the craftsmen at the eponymous Cutler and Gross factory, who have been able to refine and adapt the aesthetic to combine traditional production techniques and beautiful materials.

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