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Unsure about what size frame will suit you best? Don’t panic – our guide below will help you find the perfect fit. For further advice, you can also turn to our Design Director Marie Wilkinson’s style tips to choose the best frame for your face shape. With over 30 years’ experience in making glasses and sunglasses at Cutler and Gross and having fitted many a famous face with their signature glasses – from Colin Firth to Julia Roberts – there’s no-one we trust more.

If you have further questions please visit out FAQs section.

How do I find the measurements of my frame?

We want to make it easy for you. That’s why the measurements of every frame are engraved on the inner temple. We have also integrated a measurement filter on our website, so once you are aware of your sizes you can filter all the frames online and shop with more confidence using our Frame Finder.

The numbers printed on the inside of the right temple of your Cutler and Gross glasses and sunglasses refer to the lens width, the bridge width and the temple arm length respectively. For example, 50 □ 21 (145) indicates a lens width of 50mm, bridge width of 21mm and temple arm length of 145mm.

Use our Frame Finder.

Is this frame the right one for me?

At Cutler and Gross we think your unique personality should shine through your frames. We believe we have something for everyone out there – from bold mavericks to quiet, reflective thinkers. The first question to ask yourself is: how does this frame make me feel?

Beyond this, the following practical tips will help you determine whether a frame is the right one for you.

  • Your frame should feel, above all, comfortable, especially for long usage.
  • Your eyebrows generally shouldn’t be inside the frame; if this is the case, they may be too big for you (unless that was the desired effect you wanted). We also recommend that your pupils should be in the centre of the lenses.
  • Your frame should never hinder your smile. When showing those pearly whites, your frame shouldn’t be moved or displaced from your face by your cheek movement.
  • Another key point to remember is that at no point should your frames slide down your nose. This will indicate that the bridge of that particular frame isn’t quite right for you.

The good news? We have plenty more styles and sizes for you to try.

Can I get my frame to fit better?

Cutler and Gross offers free minor adjustments to any of our frames to ensure the optimal fit. These include:

  • Adjustments to the temples, whether they need to be tightened or loosened to meet the requirements of the side of your face. We can also adjust temples slightly to give more or less length for a better fit behind the ears.
  • Please resist the temptation to adjust your Cutler and Gross frames yourself as they can snap when adjusted without the proper technique.
  • We can also adjust crooked frames, whether that be the bridge or the temples.

If the above adjustments still don’t do the job, we are also able to add nose pads to the majority of our frames, again to help the frame sit up and away from the nose and improve the comfort and fit.

Please be aware that not quite every frame will be able to adjust to meet your face specifications. However, at Cutler and Gross we celebrate the unique and alternative so are likely to be always able to find a solution for all faces, great and small.

What is a nose bridge?

The bridge of the nose is the slope between the nose and the eyes. People with lower nose bridges tend to have wider faces or higher cheekbones; this is because the bridge of their nose sits at the same level or slightly lower than their pupils.

What is the difference between a standard fit frame and an Asian fit?

Our Asian fit frames are a better fit for anyone who has a flatter bridge. The way the frame fits differently to that of a regular fit is that the nose projection on an acetate frame is a little longer and slightly flatter. This helps to push the frame off the cheek and away from the eyelashes.

Generally the base curve of an Asian fit frame will be flatter, again to prevent the eyelashes rubbing the back surface of the lens.

What if I am still unsure about fit & size/adjustments?

If you are still unsure about the fit of your frames, feel free to pop into any of our Cutler and Gross stores so that one of our highly trained members of staff can best advise how we can help. Visit our stores to find your nearest location. If you aren’t close to any of our stores, you can also go to our Cutler and Gross stockists around the world, listed at our stockists.

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