World Optometry Week

This year for World Optometry week, we asked some of your questions to our specialist Optometrists.

As a high myope, how often should my eyes be dilated?
This is a decision for your personal optometrist or physician to make, usually as part of the eye examination.

Will blue light lenses add a tint to the lens?
The blue light coating we use is made by Essilor and is called Prevencia. A purple/blue reflex can be seen subtly on the front of the lens but is not seen when worn. The lens itself is colourless.

I have a high prescription, would the 1352 and the 1357 be suitable for me? 
Cutler and Gross frames are handmade using the finest acetate and are sturdy enough to support all prescriptions.

With a high prescription, we would recommend using the highest index material in an aspheric lens form for a flatter surface which suits the form of the frame. We would also recommend a multi-layered anti-reflective coating to reduce the appearance of power rings.  

For more personalised recommendations, we can introduce you to the team in one of our shops and they will be able to advise you further. Once they know your prescription and your facial measurements, they can predict the lens thickness and weight of the finished glasses to make the most informed  decision.

How should I best clean my glasses? 
Using the Cutler and Gross cleaning spray and microfibre lens cloth is the best way to clean both the frame and the lenses. But in the absence of this, hot, soapy water and a soft cloth for drying is perfectly fine. Do avoid using washing up liquid or detergent as these are too harsh for the lenses. 

How often should I get my eyes checked?
We recommend every one to two years as guided by your optometrist. If there has been a change in your medical circumstances, its best to book an eye examination then too.

Can you give me 3 important techniques to help maintain a healthy eyesight?-Have regular eye examinations and be sure to wear the advised prescription.
Eat well and stay hydrated.Help maintain eye muscle movement when looking at a digital screen by taking breaks every 15 minutes. And one for luck : Avoid touching your eyes unnecessarily and ensure you have clean hands when putting contact lenses in or taking them out.

Do you have the 1099 with dark blue or purple lens?
All of our stores offer custom frames, this means that any frame including the 1099 can be customised with a lens of your choice. You can contact your local store via email to enquire about the lens alteration services they currently have available.

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