Blue Light Glasses: The New Essential for All Digital Device Users

Going outside without wearing SPF could be considered man’s second to Last Great Taboo, the onus being on protecting your skin from the myriad of potentially harmful rays the sun exposes you to. It’s understandable, then, to assume that a good quality pair of sunglasses will cover all other bases when looking to protect your eyes. Unfortunately, the digitised world we live in makes this a little trickier.

So, what is blue light?

Blue light is a wavelength also emitted naturally by the sun, but it also comes from your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and televisions, all of which we’re facing for increasing amounts of time. According to Ofcom*, 64% of adults say such devices are now an essential part of their life.

The naked eye is not very good at filtering out blue light, which isn’t all bad as natural exposure during daytime hours helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle. It’s the overexposure from artificial sources, such as your backlit devices, that can lead to digital eye strain and discomfort in the short-term and damage to your retina and eventually vision impairment in the long term.

Why is blue light filtering technology important?

Because it’s beneficial to all of us, not just those who need a prescription. If you’re using devices, in any capacity, you should absolutely consider a pair of glasses with blue light filtering technology. Whether that’s late-night email skimming, browsing social media or an online article before bed, lenses that limit exposure to blue light and provide non-glare protection can be a real game-changer. 

Check out our latest collection of Blue-Light Filtering Glasses, designed with Divel lenses to specifically combat the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses styles 1379 and 1380
Blue Light Filter Glasses styles 1379 and 1380

* Research by Ofcom ‘A decade of digital dependency’ –


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