Cutler and Gross Best Red-Carpet Moments



Considered bastions of iconic eyewear, Cutler and Gross opticals and sunglasses have been worn on  some of the most recognisable faces of the last five decades.  As the 93rd Academy Awards takes place this Sunday, we’re taking a nostalgic look back at some glamorous red carpet moments, where the world’s brightest stars made Cutler and Gross eyewear their best supporting act.

Martin Scorsese in the 0432
An iconic moment after repeated nominations over the years, Martin Scorsese celebrated his very first Oscar win with two awards for ‘The Departed’ in 2007 and chose to wear the 0432 Optical.

This archived rectangular design is the blueprint for many of Cutler and Gross’ most popular glasses styles, including the iconic 0772 Optical.

Mahershala Ali in the 1266

In 2019, Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in ‘The Green Book’ whilst wearing the 1266 Palladium Plated.

Rihanna in the 1053

Rihanna wore the now archived 1053 sunglasses for the premiere of ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ in 2017.

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Lamorne Morris in the 1053

The sophisticated, Lamorne Morris wore the 0772 in Black to Clear Fade for the ‘BloodShot’ Premiere in 2020.

Jimmi Simpson in the 1053

‘Westworld’ actor, Jimmi Simpson wore his 0772 Glasses to the BAFTA’s in 2018 as a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Black Mirror’.

Tom Hardy in the 1084

At the 2016 Academy Awards, Tom Hardy gave his red carpet look an edge, by pairing a classic black tux with the iconic 1084 aviator sunglass.

This archived style has been reimagined as the new luxurious 1372 Sunglass made from Japanese Titanium.

Robert Downey Jnr. in the 1301

As a loyal fan of the brand, Robert Downey Jr. has been seen wearing Cutler and Gross to several red carpet events, including the ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ Premiere in 2018 where he wore the tinted 1301 Sunglass.

Tinie Tempah in the 0692

British Rapper, Tinie Tempah wears the rectangular 0692 Opticals to the 2011 Q Awards where he won Best Male Artist category.

Meryl Streep in the 1102

Actress, Meryl Streep wore the 1102 cat-eye Optical to the Oscars in 2018 as a nominee for Best Performance as an Actress in ‘The Post’.

This now archived slim cat-eye frame has inspired the acetate 1330 Sunglass.

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