Our UV400 Sunglasses Offer 365 Protection

Whilst protecting your eyes from potential ocular damage through exposure to UV should be on your mind all year round, it’s particularly important during the summer months. The hours of sunlight you’re exposed to incrementally rises as we go into the year and with it higher levels of UV energy. You’d think twice about leaving home without applying SPF on a summer’s day, wearing sunglasses should be no different.

Additionally, sunglasses help prevent damage to eyelids and the skin around the eyes. Wearing sunglasses can reduce the onset of premature wrinkles and fine lines, scaly red patches, brown spots and tough sun-weathered skin. It’s a solid rationale to see sunglasses as an extension to your skincare routine.

We recommend UV400 sunglasses for optimal vision and protection which can be found in all of our sun lenses.

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New Season Sunglasses, left to right: 9101 in Olive, 1385 in Black on Havana and 1386 in Watermelon Crystal