In Depth: Our Bespoke Lens Service

Our founders Graham Cutler and Tony Gross met whilst studying to become ophthalmic opticians, so our industry-leading bespoke lens service that we offer in our stores is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe the best quality frames deserve the best quality lenses and there’s a lot more to it than simply deciding between varifocals or bifocals. This is why we lead with offering one of the most comprehensive eye health consultations in the industry before diving into our extensive range of lenses.

Our Style Director, Marie Wilkinson, says the way our team approaches their lens consultations is akin to how an architect would too assess their client’s needs. The lifestyle requirements of our customers are the crux of our consultations, ultimately determining the perfect lens to go inside the frame you will similarly choose with much consideration. The team will ascertain how you see the world; do you read mostly at eye-level? Is that on devices or words on the printed page? Are you often between different environments? Perhaps then you’d like to learn about our transition lenses? And so on.

In addition to having a team that knows exactly how to extract and dissect the information gathered from our in-depth consultations, we also utilise our state of the art Visioffice as part of our eye examinations in our UK stores. Visioffice uses cutting-edge technology to manually track your eyes’ movements, providing ultra-precise measurements for a truly tailored experience.

Our Essilor Varilux X Series lenses offer crystal clear vision edge-to-edge, the days of finding the ‘sweet spot’ in a varifocal lens are long gone. We also offer Varilux Comfort Max which offers sharp, natural vision from the moment you put your glasses on. There are also other Varilux options that will be covered in your consultation, so don’t worry if this sounds somewhat alien.

When it comes to tints, transitions and polarised lenses, we also utilise Essilor’s ophthalmic expertise of over 150 years. Essilor’s Xperio Polarised lenses offer enhanced vision in the sun, eliminating harsh glare whilst improving colour perception and of course blocking out harmful UV rays. Their wide range of polarised colours and gradients are also available with a mirrored finish.

Once all the relevant information is gathered and our team now have a firm idea of what you need from your lenses, the slightly more interactive process can begin. As we have such a wide variety of lenses, there’s plenty to consider.

This is a tactile process in which you’ll be encouraged pluck lenses from our lens case, which holds all the lenses we offer as mentioned above, to see what you like. You’ll again be encouraged to hold different lenses against your skin tone, hair colour and the frames you have or are still considering. Don’t be surprised if you come in looking for one type of lens and leave with another.

The way we see it, premium frames deserve better than just standard lenses. Find your nearest store here or book an eye appointment to get started. The process is a lot more fun in practise.