Autumn Chapters

With the summer well and truly drawing to a close, depending on what hemisphere you call home, you may already have read some titles from the various summer reading lists this year. Traditionally, these lists are tailored-made for easy-going reading, during periods of equally easy-going activity; on a beach, or by a pool, for instance.

For the coming season, you might be looking for something with a little more literary bite. If you’re in need of inspiration, we’ve compiled a short reading list we’re calling our Autumn Chapters, with the help and expertise of Lutyens & Rubinstein, an independent bookshop and literary agency based in Notting Hill, London.

Fiction – The Marriage Portrait – Maggie O’Farrell

Renaissance Florence is the setting for this new historical novel from the author of Hamnet. In an age of political plots and schemes, Lucrezia must marry her late sister’s fiancé, but there is a lot more to her new husband than meets the eye. O’Farrell combines a sharp eye for period detail with a gripping plot, making this one of our favourite novels of the Autumn.

Non-fiction – Colditz – Ben Macintyre

A fresh take on the well-worn tale of Colditz, Ben Macintyre’s impeccably-researched new book takes readers inside the castle and uncovers more than the old accounts of British officer POWs plotting against their captors.  From jaw-dropping heroism, to incredible stupidity, from comradeship to discrimination, here is the story of Colditz you have never heard before.  And – like all Macintyre’s books – it’s a page-turner from start to finish.

Art and Design – Love, Lucian: The Letters of Lucian Freud – edited by David Dawson and Martin Gayford

This collection of letters by the artist Lucian Freud is a must-have for any reader who loves contemporary art.  From his childhood to the early years of his success as an artist, the letters make for a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the greatest artists of the Twentieth Century. So much more than just a dry set of letters – it is illustrated throughout with Freud’s contemporaneous works – it’s an amazing companion to his early career.

Biography – A Visible Man – Edward Enninful

The first Black editor of British Vogue, Edward Enninful’s autobiography is a love letter to the fashion world, where against expectations, as a Black, gay, working-class refugee, he found a home. From his childhood in Ghana, the book follows him as he finds his passion, and brings about a new and inclusive age to the industry he loves. A truly inspiring read.

Wildcard – Book of Vanishing Species – Beatrice Forshall

The most beautiful book we’ve seen this year – Beatrice Forshall illustrates and describes some of the planets strangest, most-intriguing, and most-endangered creatures.  Each one is captured in beautiful detail, and their stories – from the deep sea snail who makes his shell from iron, to the insects who eat only one type of flower – are beautifully told and strangely moving.  It makes a terrific present, but you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

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