The Aurum Collection

The new ‘Aurum’ collection references the Latin word for gold. This collection sees the return of classic frame shapes influenced by our own extensive archive.

The original styles which formed the basis of this collection range from classic Cutler and Gross aviators from the early 90s to dynamic navigator frames from the late 10s, all reimagined in finer proportions and each with a precious metal finish. Shop the Aurum Collection here.

Using our expertise in metalwork centred at our atelier in the Dolomite mountains, we focus on the technical elements of construction to produce refined, strong and lightweight frames.

Each detail of construction is obsessed over to deliver maximum performance with minimum weight. We combine our artisanal approach to frame making with the traditions of the finest jewellery makers in Italy, some of whom have specialised in gold plating techniques for more than a century.

Each piece is considered and minimal in its nature, with lightness and functionality at its core. Every frame is constructed from an ultra-lightweight Swiss stainless steel alloy which is plated in either 18K Rhodium, 18K Rose Gold, 24K Yellow Gold or a combination of each precious metal. Rhodium being one of the most precious metals, it is extremely resistant and hardwearing with a value almost six times that of gold.

Newly designed temple tips, inscribed with ‘Aurum’ on the inner surface, serve a dual purpose as crucial counterbalances and as a means to identify this collection. Other key design features such as the solid built in end pieces, chiselled with a horizontal line, add refinement and layers of details.

Aurum: In Detail

Comprising five styles, each available as both a sunglass and an optical, are anti-reflective treated to avoid glare which increases viewing comfort massively. Lightly tinted sun lenses on each of the sunglass styles were carefully considered to emphasise the precious metal coating.

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0003 in 24K Yellow Gold and 18K Rhodium Sunglass

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