Behind The Frame: 9101 Limited Edition

The 9101 Limited Edition, fitted with transition Zeiss lenses

What better way to introduce our Behind the Frame series than with a deep dive into the inspiration behind our celebratory 9101 Limited Edition.

The launch of the 9101 Limited Edition commemorates the 40th anniversary of Cutler and Gross’ first factory produced frame (the aptly named 0101), we chose an atelier in the Italian Dolomites in 1982, where our frames are still made to this day.

Mr Gross wore the now archived 0101 frame throughout the ’80s during his frequent trips to New York and London’s elite clubs. Hopping from one exclusive haunt to the next, he’d often call at several spots in one night, handing out sunglasses amongst his lofty friends and acquaintances.

Tony Gross with Grace Jones wearing 0101 Sunglasses.
Our co-founder, Tony Gross, with Grace Jones wearing his favourite 0101

The 9101 Limited Edition – along with rest of our Spring/Summer ‘22 collection – is imbued with the hedonistic spirit of this bygone era, days where one could be plucked from obscurity in a snaking nightclub queue because the owner liked how you were wearing your jeans. 

With that in mind, the well-appointed design features of the 9101 Limited Edition should come as no surprise. Crafted from translucent crystal acetate with gold-plated hardware and integrated photo-chromatic Zeiss lenses, which darken when exposed to sunlight, this frame would feel right at home in the golden era of Nightclubbing.

Cutler and Gross 0101 Sunglasses - Tony Gross
An illustration of Tony Gross in the original 0101

Limited to just 101 units globally, each uniquely numbered, this frame embodies its namesake and harks back to a time where exclusivity was its own currency.

Explore the new 9101 Limited Edition, here.