The Desert Playground

The latest collection of Cutler and Gross glasses and sunglasses pay homage to a sun-drenched, glittering epoch: Palm Springs in the 60s and 70s.  

The inimitable frames reflect the cinematic grandeur of Hollywood and draw inspiration from the Modernist architecture of this bygone era, frozen in time by Julius Shulman’s photography.

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'Palm Springs is a paradise of extraordinary beauty' - Frank Sinatra
'Case Study House #22' by Julius Shulman, 1960
‘Case Study House #22’, Julius Shulman, 1960. © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Backdropped by the majestic San Jacinto mountains, a Desert Oasis is at play. The sun beats down and bounces off the turquoise swimming pool, casting a rippling reflection of the glass-walled house above.

Fresh from The Racquet Club, the leisure-seekers charge their cocktail glasses and recline on a set of sun loungers. Hair voluminously coiffed, oversized sunglasses in place. The afternoon stretches languorously ahead.

Poolside Gossip by Slim Aarons, 1970
‘Poolside Gossip’ by Slim Aarons, 1970.

Nestled a two-hour drive from Hollywood, Palm Springs provided the glitterati with an escape from the paparazzi’s flashing lights and gossip-column chaos. Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, and Marilyn Monroe would slip away to their hideaways – glass, flat-roofed masterpieces constructed by the likes of Albert Frey and Richard Neutra.

Frank and Barbara Sinatra pictured playing golf
Frank and Barbara Sinatra playing golf in Palm Springs, 1973.
Bathers photographed in Frank Sinatra's pool
Bathers captured in Frank Sinatra’s piano-shaped pool, 1951.

8 styles – 7 Cutler and Gross glasses and 5 Cutler and Gross sunglasses – are introduced this season. The frames intertwine classic and contemporary silhouettes with the architectural magnificence of Palm Springs. In so doing, it presents a curation that is nothing short of iconic.

Inspired by the desert’s geographical palette, Joshua Green enters the Cutler and Gross colour scheme as a glistening, sun-soaked acetate. Explore the Cutler and Gross glasses and Cutler and Gross sunglasses in Joshua Green now.

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Blue on White is introduced to the collection as the latest Colour Studio acetate. The maximalist 9324 Colour Studio Cutler and Gross sunglasses are crafted from a single sheet of chromatic acetate that will never be reissued. Explore the collection of Colour Studio frames here.

"An actor does everything to become famous and then, when he succeeds, he puts on a pair of dark glasses so as not to be recognised"
The Campaign

Our latest campaign is lensed like a mise-en-scène that captures the languid allure of Palm Springs.

The golden sunshine illuminates our two protagonists, who while away the hours by the pool in silken garms and oversized sunglasses. Cloud-less skies and time-tall palm trees are balanced by the sharp geometry of the Modernist house in which the campaign is set.

To capture the mood, we called upon internationally acclaimed photographer Frederic Auerbach. The Swiss-born, LA-based creator is renowned for his sensational shots of Hollywood’s elite, including the likes of Sharon Stone, Kate Winslet, and Chris Hemsworth.

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Sun-drenched tracks from California’s golden age. Featuring the likes of Joni Mitchell and Carole King, prepare to be transported.