Framed In Black And White

Charted through history, trailblazers and visionaries have forged their legacies in black and white. Think Bridget Riley’s psychedelic Op Art, Hitchcock’s bone-chilling ‘Psycho’, Picasso’s monumental ‘Guernica’.

Stripped of colour, the focus is on the form.

The eye is inescapably drawn to the smooth curve of a line, the precise cut across a canvas. And the Cutler and Gross artisans revel in this attentiveness. Made by hand in the foothills of the Dolomites, our black and white sunglasses and opticals fuse heritage craftsmanship with pioneering vision.

Timelessly Black

There’s little more classic than a black frame. From Grace Jones to Edward Enninful, luminaries in the spotlight have turned to Cutler and Gross for their black sunglasses and opticals

For retro-inflected styles, look to the 9894 and 9325. They’re sculpted from jet-black acetate and punctuated with compass-star pins. The split-layer of electric blue on the inside adds a hint of hedonism.

The 9276 is our first pair of wrap-around sunglasses in 22 years, and it was worth the wait. A smooth rounded brow line and chunky temples culminate in Fender-shaped tips.

Written In White

At the opposite end of the spectrum are white sunglasses and opticals. Cast your mind back to Audrey Hepburn’s oversized roundels, Kurt Cobain’s grungy bug eyes – these frames have a space in pop culture history. 

The 9797 cat-eye sunglass balances 90s inspirations with cutting-edge construction, as chunky sculpted frontals are offset by weight-saving milling. The 1402 ivory sunglasses take bold design one step further, shaped from 10mm-thick acetate. 

Bleached of colour, the 1401 optical lets the square cat-eye silhouette and Fender temples take centre stage. 

Find Your Style

We offer private in-store styling sessions to help you find the perfect frames and prescription lenses (if applicable). Book a consultation and eye exam with our world-class optometrists here.

Can’t make it to the store? Read Our Style Director’s Guide to Finding Your Frame Colour or follow our simple step-by-step Frame Finder here.

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