Cutler And Gross X Kingsman: A Story of Espionage and Elegance

In 2012, acclaimed producer and director Matthew Vaughn approached Cutler and Gross with a vision for his next film, Kingsman: The Secret Service. He sought a pair of distinctive glasses that would be integral to the story and style of a gentleman spy.

The frames were to be worn by the lead characters and needed to present the pinnacle of craftsmanship; in so doing, they would form part of the blueprint for the covert intelligence agency.

And so, the Cutler and Gross x KINGSMAN collaboration was formed. 

Cutler and Gross’s expert craftsmanship and iconic designs were well-suited to Vaughn’s cinematic refinement. The frames – first worn by Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Michael Caine – acted like armour and provided a new perspective into the veiled world of espionage.

Eleven years and three films later, the collaboration continues with the latest collection of Kingsman sunglasses and opticals.

Actor Taron Egerton wears the 0847 glasses. Image credit: Twentieth Century Studios.

0847: Where The Story Began

Whilst looking through the Cutler and Gross archive, Vaughn and his Kingsman: The Secret Service costume designer Arianne Phillips were drawn to a handsome aviator-like frame with a strong outline; this shaped the foundations for the 0847.

The unmistakable silhouette presented a tailored alternative to a traditional aviator, sculpted with a sloping browline and embellished with domed rivets. In so doing, it embodied the fusion of classicism and modernity that characterised the Kingsman concept. A ‘K’ marked the inner temple tips, a sign of quality and spy-craft drawn from the film’s production design.

Paired with the protagonists’ Savile Row suits and hard-heeled Oxfords, the frame debuted on the silver screen in 2014. The Kingsman tailoring and eyewear became synonymous with polish and prestige, worn by the lead characters Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry (Colin Firth).

In contrast to the bold, determined silhouette of the 0847, a pair of Cutler and Gross clear-frame glasses were worn by Samuel L Jackson’s villainous character ‘Valentine’.

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship

Vaughn’s cinematic storytelling has extended far beyond the screen, evolving into a renowned and ongoing collaboration with Cutler and Gross. From the matt-black 0734 to the tortoiseshell 1007, explore the latest collection of Kingsman glasses and sunglasses now.

“Each collection takes us on a journey through the archive. Working alongside the Kingsman costume design team, we curate eyewear that is the pinnacle of discerning style and unparalleled craftsmanship.”


The frames are meticulously handmade in Italy by our team of artisans who have spent decades honing their skills. The designs pay homage to the gravitas and discerning style of Kingsman while simultaneously reflecting Cutler and Gross’s distinctive DNA. 

Much like the Savile Row setting for the Kingsman headquarters, our stores specialise in tailoring frames to face shapes. From complimentary adjustments to personalised prescription lenses, find out more about our bespoke in-store services here. 

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