Blue Light Glasses: What To Know

Morning to night, Zoom calls, emails and social media tug for our attention. Screens are integrated into every corner of our lives, whether it’s a smartphone close to hand or a tablet to read the Sunday paper. And all these digital devices emit a stream of blue light.

Excessive exposure to blue light can interfere with sleep patterns and may cause eye strain. Our collection of blue light-blocking glasses (sometimes called screen protection glasses or computer glasses) and in-store lenses are designed to help tackle the problem.

The Statistics: Uncomfortable Reading

A poll published by TIME magazine revealed that the average person spends nearly 5,000 hours a year using screens. Over the course of a lifetime, that equates to 34 years spent looking at digital devices.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that many of us suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain: dry eyes, red eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. On top of that, overexposure to blue light at night can suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep and making you feel drowsy.

A Potential Solution? Blue Light Filter Glasses

The glasses act as blue-light blockers that limit the number of rays entering the eye; in so doing they can boost your quality of sleep and relieve symptoms of strain. From square frames to cat-eyes, explore our collection of non-prescription blue light glasses here. Our online selection is concise; however, you can have any frame customised with blue light filtering in-store.

If you wear prescription glasses, our in-store teams can assist you with bespoke lenses. Using the latest optical innovations and Light Scan™ technology, a Crizal Prevencia Essilor coating can be applied to filter blue light and repel dust and smudges. Head to your nearest store to learn more.   

Find Your Fit

Our Frame Finder and Virtual Try-On Glasses tool will help you discover which styles suit.

Interested in a more bespoke experience? We offer style consultations at all Cutler and Gross stores. Tailored to your taste and lifestyle, a member of the team will lead you through shapes, colours and lenses to help you find the perfect fit: book now.

The Importance of Eye Exams

To keep your vision and eye health at its best, it’s crucial to have regular eye exams. Through a series of non-invasive tests, our expert optometrists conduct a complete ocular and lens check. As a result, they’re able to spot signs of developing conditions or complications at the very earliest.

Find out more about our cutting-edge and comprehensive eye exams here. Looking for an eye exam near you? They are available at our New York, Knightsbridge, Spitalfields, and Bath stores. Please call or book online.

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