How To Prevent Eye Strain

Headaches, eye blurriness and light sensitivity are just a few symptoms of eye strain (called asthenopia). It can be caused when the eyes are intensely focused for a prolonged period. Excessive screen time is the most common culprit – so much so that the term Computer Vision Syndrome was developed.

Computer Vision Syndrome typically occurs when using a digital device at arm’s length or nearer. Close the screen and many of the symptoms disappear. However, we don’t always have that option, as emails, instant messaging, and video calls keep us latched on. Productivity takes a hit.

Poor lighting, posture and screen glare can all lead to Computer Vision Syndrome. The good news? There are a lot of quick fixes.

Our Knightsbridge optometrist, Salvatore Scinaldi, shares his tips on how to prevent eye strain.

How to prevent eye strain

The 20:20:20 Rule

Scientists at Aston University developed a simple, but effective tool: for every 20 minutes spent using a digital device, look away from your screen to something 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. It enables your eyes to reset and eases symptoms.

Think ‘Blink’

On average, we blink approximately 15 times a minute. When using a screen, this number is drastically reduced to around 7 blinks or fewer. This can cause eye redness and contribute to blurry vision.

Reduce Glare

Bright lighting and excessive screen glare can strain your eyes, as they’re forced to work harder. If possible, switch harsh fluorescent lightbulbs for something softer, use dimmer switches to adjust the level of lighting, or invest in an anti-reflective screen cover. It might also help to adjust the brightness and text size in your screen settings.

Try Blue Light Glasses

Digital devices emit blue light; when excessively exposed to it, the harsh rays can disrupt sleep patterns and cause eye strain. To help protect your eyes from computer screens and devices, we created blue light glasses, which can reduce symptoms. Learn more about our prescription and non-prescription blue light glasses here.

explore our blue light-block glasses
Explore our collection of blue light-blocking glasses.

any frame can be customised in store
Any frame can be customised in-store
with blue-light lenses.

Schedule Regular Eye Tests

To maintain clear, comfortable vision it is crucial to have regular eye tests. Our comprehensive check-ups can spot muscle imbalances and minor prescriptions that wouldn’t normally cause day-to-day problems but need to be corrected when regularly using screens. On top of that, we also investigate overall eye health: the tests enable us to spot developing conditions at the very earliest. Find out more about our eye tests, or book an eye test here.

How to prevent eye strain

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