Black Optics: Frames of Distinction

Photographed in black and white, a 32-year-old Michael Caine leans nonchalantly forward, cigarette balanced in hand, gazing through a pair of black thick-rimmed glasses. It was taken in 1965, when the cockney-tongued Caine was on track to become one of Hollywood’s most-recognisable faces.

Combining a bold, straightened browline and thick temples, the black glasses made a statement. They signalled gravitas and confidence; this was a man to know.

Absent of colour, black glasses draw the eye to the form. There is no bright pigmentation to distract or demand attention. And the Cutler and Gross atelier revels in this attentiveness. Each season, they go back to the drawing board to craft black-framed glasses that showcase the brand’s core pillars: unparalleled craftsmanship and distinctive silhouettes.

The Autumn Winter 23 black glasses are no exception.

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9126 Black Glasses: Winner of the 2023 Silmo d’Or award

A maximalist Cutler and Gross frame worn by Elton John in 1976 formed the starting point for the 9126.

The surrealist silhouette dips down into a curved browline that is finished with angular lugs. Architectural in design, the glasses are chamfered throughout, tailing away to a narrow top edge. In recognition of this, the 9126 was awarded the prestigious ‘Silmo d’Or Optical Eyewear Designer’ award during Paris Fashion Week 2023.

9126 black glasses

1407 and 1408: Confident Cat-Eyes

These black glasses approach the cat-eye from two perspectives.

Unapologetically bold, the 1407 is shaped with a high stepped browline that plunges to a rounded base. The glossy, waxy surface is sculpted with chamfered edging and hinged with Compass Star pins.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the 1408, scaled down to narrower, sharper proportions. Chamfering adds depth to the design, which pays homage to the angular cat-eyes worn by Madonna in the 1985 romantic-comedy ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’.

1407 and 1408 black glasses

1403 Black Glasses: Softly Squared

Devoid of flashy logos or monograms, Cutler and Gross’s legacy is recognisable by its distinctive silhouettes. Classic designs take on a new context, reimagined through a bolder, braver lens.

The 1403 adds dimension to traditional black square glasses, handcrafted from a single sheet of acetate with unprecedented depth. It is bevelled with an inverted nose bridge to lighten the frame and softened with curved edges.

1403 black glasses

All four frames are handcrafted with a split-layer construction that juxtaposes glossy darkened acetate with crystal edges, throwing emphasis to the temples. In the sea of black, it adds lightness and depth.

Seeing Clearly

When purchased online, our optical frames arrive with clear demo lenses. Bespoke prescription lenses are available at all Cutler and Gross stores.

Lenses are a personal choice that depends on two factors: your prescription and your lifestyle. This unique combination deserves more than a stock-bought solution, which is why our lenses are tailor-made for you.

We are proud to partner with world-class lens manufacturers who match our philosophy of creating glasses for the individual, not the group.

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