After-Hours Session Vol. 3

Legendary DJ Luke Una soundtracked volume 3 of the After-Hours sessions. Una was one of the driving beats behind Manchester’s emerging rave scene in the mid-80s, and his cult club nights and genre-defying DJ sets continue to break ground. Una currently hosts the Brownswood Basement show every Thursday on Worldwide FM.

We asked Una to share his thoughts and experiences around the After Party.

CG: How would you describe your musical style?

LU: Techno, bass buggin’ futurism and everything in between. It’s not about tempo, hype, or fashion. It’s about soul.

CG: Our latest collection is inspired by the After Party – a space where ideas, music and conversations are exchanged. Has this been your experience?

LU: Yes, it’s been at the heart of everything I do. Forty years of staying up late as the city sleeps led to many life-changing moments. The unity of the late-night disenfranchised.

CG: Tell us about a particularly memorable After Party you’ve attended.

LU: It’s not about hedonism and daft party moments (of course, we had those too) but it was more than that. FK playing for 4 hours at a bedsit after Electric Chair in the late 90s was pretty magical.

CG: What’s the key to a great After Party?

LU: Good, kind, liberated people. Love and beautiful music. Good speakers. Freedom, and a 24-hour garage nearby…oh and a large comfy sofa. No mugs or thugs. No height restrictions.

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The Inspiration

The methodology and magic of after parties in the late 80s inspired our latest collection. During the twilight hours, the pace of the club was replaced with cataclysmic conversation. Lit by the afterglow of neon lights and soundtracked by a hand-picked playlist, this dialled-down space sparked fresh dialogue. Ideas emerged; new records were discovered. 

This was the utopia of the After Party.

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