After-Hours Session Vol. 5

Terry Farley, DJ and certified UK house legend, created volume 5 of the After-Hours sessions. In the late 1980s, as co-founder of London’s ‘Boy’s Own’ fanzine, Farley was one of the first to document the UK’s emerging acid house movement. From there, Farley progressed into DJing and production, forming Fire Island with fellow musician Pete Heller. Together, they’ve collaborated with Michael Jackson and remixed the likes of U2 and New Order.

We asked Farley to share his thoughts and experiences around the After Party.

CG: How would you describe your musical style?

TF: House music in its purest form, with roots in Disco and Philadelphia Soul. A kick-ass bass line and tempos that match the human body’s heartbeat.

CG: Our latest collection is inspired by the After Party – a space where ideas, music and conversations are exchanged. Has this been your experience?

TF: The after party is where all the good stuff gets played and talked about. Where friendships and romances are created. And where, if you’re not too careful, you stay far too long for your own health and sanity.

CG: Tell us about a particularly memorable After Party you’ve attended.

TF: Once in Australia, I played at an after party in a dark room and I lost a day – I walked in at 10pm, fell out at 10pm…24 hrs later. Sunglasses were essential.

CG: What’s the key to a great After Party?

TF: The people, the music, the location and, mostly importantly, a good attitude.

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The Inspiration

The methodology and magic of after parties in the late 80s inspired our latest collection. During the twilight hours, the pace of the club was replaced with cataclysmic conversation. Lit by the afterglow of neon lights and soundtracked by a hand-picked playlist, this dialled-down space sparked fresh dialogue. Ideas emerged; new records were discovered. 

This was the utopia of the After Party.

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