After-Hours Session Vol. 2

For volume 2 of the After-Hours sessions, we approached London-born DJ and musician Joseph Richmond Seaton. The revered artist, who works under the primary moniker Call Super, is renowned for his musical breadth and hypnotic sets. This is reflected in his schedule, which takes him from headline slots at Sónar festival to appearances at Golden Pudel and Berlin’s Panorama bar.

We asked Richmond Seaton to share his thoughts and experiences around the After Party.

CG: How would you describe your musical style?

JRS: I like to think of it as in a place of its own, a place you can dissolve into. A twilight place where night meets day, and the patterns of machines submit to the mucky honesty of life.

CG: Our latest collection is inspired by the After Party – a space where ideas, music and conversations are exchanged. Has this been your experience?

JRS: Yes, for a while. It’s not an experience to be outstayed.

CG: Tell us about a particularly memorable After Party you’ve attended.

JRS: After Barbarella’s, a club on the coast in Croatia, you’re by the sea with the salt and the morning waft filling your senses. It’s always a very special time indeed.

CG: What’s the key to a great After Party?

JRS: You need good people peppered with some vaguely random people and some exceedingly curious blends of alcohol. 

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The Inspiration

The methodology and magic of after parties in the late 80s inspired our latest collection. During the twilight hours, the pace of the club was replaced with cataclysmic conversation. Lit by the afterglow of neon lights and soundtracked by a hand-picked playlist, this dialled-down space sparked fresh dialogue. Ideas emerged; new records were discovered. 

This was the utopia of the After Party.

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