After-Hours Session Vol. 1

The methodology and magic of after parties in the late 80s inspired our latest collection. During the twilight hours, the pace of the club was replaced with cataclysmic conversation. Lit by the afterglow of neon lights and soundtracked by a hand-picked playlist, this dialled-down space sparked fresh dialogue. Ideas emerged; new records were discovered. 

This was the utopia of the After Party.

“Those sessions of after-hours music were where the doors really opened.”

DJ Luke Una

As the legendary DJ Luke Una explained to us:

“When the club closed, you’d head round to someone’s house. This was how you’d experience music you’d never heard before… It’s where we shared things we were obsessed with and talked for hours about all the details and the layers, the nuance of a record, the strings, the arrangements…those sessions of after-hours music were where the doors really opened.”

To soundtrack the latest collection, we approached seven of the world’s most renowned DJs and asked them to create their ultimate After Party playlists. From soothing soul to synthy sounds, head to our soundVISION Spotify to tune in now.

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After-Hours Session Vol.1

Irish broadcaster and DJ Deb Grant soundtracked volume 1. Grant has over 20 years’ experience shaping the industry, with residences at London’s Spiritland and main stage sets at Field Day. She currently co-presents BBC 6 Music’s ‘The New Music Fix’ Monday to Thursday.

We asked Grant to share her thoughts and experiences around the After Party.

CG: How would you describe your musical style?

DG: I got into DJing through crate digging, and my passion will always be finding some undiscovered treasure, be it decades old or brand new, and sharing that in a mix. Genre-wise it could be anything – disco, hip-hop, jazz, funk, pop, folk, noise, country, whatever works! 

CG: Our latest collection is inspired by the After Party – a space where ideas, music and conversations are exchanged. Has this been your experience?

DG: The after party is often my favourite part of a party – everyone is loosened up, the vibe is a bit more chilled, it’s comfortable, a bit quieter and a perfect place to chat. I love having a post-party debrief late into the night with people you might either never see again or end up becoming lifelong friends with. 

CG: Tell us about a particularly memorable After Party you’ve attended.

DG: I was invited to DJ at the after party for a big outdoor Gossip gig in central London years ago. It was a warm night, and everyone was sweating on the dance floor; Beth Ditto was next to the DJ booth simultaneously dancing and fanning me with this beautiful ornate fan she had with her. Very kind of her and quite surreal!

CG: What’s the key to a great After Party?

DG: Got to be the right balance of people and music – quite rare but when it does happen it’s very special. A good selection of comfortable soft furnishings helps too.

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